Visualization "MÜLLERS BÜRO II - Next Generation"

Examples of Pre-production planning in Design & Picture Visualization 

Production Design Concept by Veronika Merlin

Costume Design Concept by Caterina Czepek

Visualization / Scenes 1 - 8

Directed by Hermann Aichwalder


MÜLLERS OFFICE II - Next Generation

by Hermann Aichwalder & Thomas Nash 



black picture, ONLY SOUND: steps going through the office, opening a drawer, unscrewing a bottle - insertion of the production company Credit "Cult Film“




1 Extreme Close up

Camera return extremely close from whisky glass in Glastotale,

Whisky is poured


2 Medium / crane drive from above

a record is rotated between two fingers and placed on a turntable with the side to be played


3 Close up / short camera movement 

Start button of record player is pressed, tonearm moves to the record

Music begins (Müllers Büro Soundtrack)


4 Medium / camera movement

Whisky glass on the side, Müller takes the glass to drink, tracking shot on overshoulder with blur on wall shelf shoes


5 Medium / camera movement

tracking shot from shoe rack top to bottom, in the middle is a free space where Müller places a new shoe




6 Extreme long / crane travel

Crane drive down on road, cars of the Americanos approach and a dull beatpass can be heard




7 Medium / camera movement

Camera tracking shot from the vibrating slats of the blinds, backwards to whisky glass in which the whisky is vibrating, bass of car slowly drowning out title music (Müllers Büro Soundtrack)


8 Close up

Record player Tonearm scratches over the record, music from outside takes over the beat




9 Medium long / camera movement

Camera tracking shot sideways from the facade to the street where the vehicles stop in front of the camera, the vehicle doors open 


10 Medium / crane travel 

from bottom to top, quick raising of feet to the person getting out with a machine pistol in his hand, which is loaded


11 Extreme long / Close up / crane travel

from top to bottom with centric rotation

View from above, camera stands - for one breath everything is quiet, the camera turns several times centrically downwards and stops on the side of the bolt of the Americanos Chef's machine gun, the trigger is pulled


12 Close up / Extreme Slow Motion (High speed recording)

machine gun, bullet is fired and comes out of the muzzle, camera follows bullet 




13 Close up / Extreme Slow Motion (High-speed recording)

Bullet flies through window slats to whisky glass, where the bullet hits and the glass shatters




14 Medium long / medium / camera movement

lateral tracking shot on shooting Americanos




15 Close Up / Medium

various close up and medium shots step by step in slow motion of impacts of the bullets into the furniture (sofa, lamp, shoes, files, pictures)




16 Medium / camera movement

Fire is stopped, the last shell falls to the ground, silence returns


17 Close up

Last case falls to the ground in slow motion


18 Medium long 

Just rest, Americanos stand still, in the gun smoke of the guns fired


19 Medium / camera movement

POV by Americanos, tracking shot on Müller's office, window blind falls off the shot window 


20 Medium long / camera movement 

light tracking shot POV office back on total Americanos getting back into their cars




21 Close up 

The pin of a hand grenade is pulled and thrown towards the Müllers Büro




22 Close up / Extreme close up

Close to the ground, picture of Larry, women's shoe, as well as other utensils are lying on the ground, hand grenade with the inscription- Fuck you rolls in front of the camera




23 Extreme long / Medium long 

Explosion at Müller's office, shattering windows


24 Medium long / Extrem long

tracking shot from the tires of the moving cars to a total of cars and road




25 Medium / Shoulder close / camera movement

after the explosion there are still scraps of paper and smoke flying around in the air, camera slowly moves towards the smoking shoe of Max Müller lying on the ground, the sole of the shoe is slightly bent away and smoking, the big toe is visible, on the sole of the shoe stands Hero


26 Medium / camera movement

POV Max Müller, he sees his smoking shoe and his gaze wanders to the ceiling where a white cloud forms, harp music starts and two female angels appear (Bluebox)


27 Close up

Face Müller, text: "Shit"


28 Medium

the two female angels smile at him, text angels: " So is the life Müller"


29 Close up

Müller's gaze falls on the detail of the two (camera panning)


30 Close up

POV Müller, pan of faces of angels into their neckline


31 Close up

Müller sighs, smiles and closes his eyes, the picture freezes


32 Close up / Medium

the picture is on the front page of a newspaper, easy camera return


Titles and credits begin to run. We see drawn pictures of the actors in comic style, which change into real pictures of moving print strips.