Hermann Aichwalder - Biography & Filmography


Hermann Aichwalder is an Austrian director, scriptwriter and actor. 

He was born in Vienna, Austria.


In the year 1993 he came in touch with the film business (The Three Musketeers - W. Disney Prod.). After public casting he was hired for a small role.

Afterwards he took private acting lessons in Vienna (Pygmalion Actingschool - Brecht Method and Edgar Fell - Eric Morris, Lee Strassberg Method).

In the following years he had a lot of engagements in film and commercial spots.

In 2004 he started with directing, producing and writing for Image, Commercial and Shortfilms.

In 2006, he released his first self-financed short film THE PROFESSIONALS, which after its premiere in Baden, was successfully shown in Vienna (Votiv and Schikanederkino), Baden (Olympia Kino), as well as in Berlin Filmfest Prenzlberg.

In 2007 he directed and co-produced the short film SOMMERREIGEN, based on Arthur Schnitzler's  DER REIGEN. Which had a successful premiere in Austria, Baden (Olympia Kino) and was invited to qualify by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the 81st Annual Academy Awards 2009, Category Short Film. The film was also screened at the 10th Landshuter Filmfestival from 25.-29.03.2009 in the competition program, as well as at the Literature Festival Losenstein and in Dresden (Filmnächte am Elbenufer- August 2009).

In 2009 he wrote the script, directed and co-produced the short film PETERCHEN UND DER WOLF. In the same year he also made the Shortfilm TOO LONG FU, where he wrote the screenplay together with Thomas Nash and directed and produced the film. Both films had a successful premiere in Baden (Halle B), which was attended by more than 1200 people, and were shown on TV on AUSTRIA 9 at the Jungfilmnacht.

In 2012 he was commissioned by CULT FILM to write and direct a sequel to the Austrian film classic MÜLLERS BÜRO.

In 2012 he realized his idea in the form of the script and direction of the series RAMACHER & EINFALT- UNTERWEGS, on ORF III.  

In 2012 he wrote the script and directed the documentary MuTh - DER NEUE KONZERTSAAL DER WIENER SÄNGERKNABEN, which was broadcast on ORF III. 

In 2017 he continued with the documentary 5 JAHRE MuTh - DER KONZERTSAAL DER WIENER SÄNGERKNABEN, which was shown on ORF 2 Matinee. 

In 2013 AichwalderFilm was engaged as a service production by FILMLINE MÜNCHEN for the ZDF feature film DIE SEELEN IM FEUER, which was partly shot in Austria.

From 2014 to 2018 he directed the talk show DENK MIT KULTUR, which was successfully broadcast on ORF III.


Hermann Aichwalder is a member of the ADA- Austrian Directors Association.  


Hermann Aichwalder lives in Baden near Vienna, Austria. 


Selection Filmographie


Director / Scriptwriter /  Production Service

2020 MAZ for Licht ins Dunkel ORF III / Director

2019 ORS Infors 2019 / Director

2019 Programmpräsentation ORF III / Director

2019 Verstehen Sie Spass Kimmig Entertainment GmbH / Production Service Human Resources

2018 DENK mit KULTUR Season 5 Talkshow ORF III / Director

2018 Die Bourbonen in Lanzenkirchen TV - Doku WNTV / Director

2018 Screenforce Day 2018 / Director

2018 Programmpräsentation ORF III / Director

2017 5 Jahre MuTh - Der Konzertsaal der Wiener Sängerknaben TV - Doku ORF 2 / Director & Scriptwriter

2017 Screenforce Day 2017 / Director

2017 DENK mit KULTUR Season 4 Talkshow ORF III / Director

2016 DENK mit KULTUR Season 3 Talkshow ORF III / Director

2016 DENK mit KULTUR Signation ORF III / Director

2016 Crystal Cruises / Production Service Provider Austria - Los Angeles

2016 Screenforce Day 2016 / Director

2016 10 Jahre Celegene / Production Service Provider - Vienna

2016 Genuss aus Österreich Commercial / Director

2016 Programmpräsentation ORF III / Director

2015 DENK mit KULTUR ARD- alpha / Director

2015 DENK mit KULTUR Season 2 Talkshow ORF III / Director

2015 Programmpräsentation ORF III / Director

2014 DENK mit KULTUR Season 1 Talkshow ORF III / Director

2014 Internal Games Film / Scriptwriter

2014 KIA Int. Commercial / Director

2014 BÖG Commercial / Director

2014 Henkel MaCo Functions /  Scriptwriter

2013 Die Seelen im Feuer ECLYPSE / FILMLINE MÜNCHEN / Production Service Provider -  Austria

2013 Kinosendung ORF III / Scriptwriter

2013 Marketagent Commercial / Director

2013 BÖG Commercial / Director

2012 Making of MuTh - Der neue Konzertsaal der Wiener Sängerknaben TV - Doku  ORF 2 ORF III / Scriptwriter & Director

2012 RAMACHER & EINFALT- unterwegs TV - Series ORF III / Scriptwriter & Director

2012 GPT- Awards Vienna Director / Director

2012 Müllers Büro - Next Generation CULT MOVIES Film / Scriptwriter

2011 Mostviertler Kleinkunstpreis TV - Broadcasting / Director

2011 Accor Group Commercial / Director

2011 GPT- Awards Paris / Director

2010 Bogner Commercial / Director

2010 WKO- Kaderschmiede Commercial / Director

2009 Basler Versicherung Commercial / Director

2009 Deutscher Ring Commercial / Director

2009 Too Long Fu Short Film supported by Stadt Baden / Producer, Director & Scriptwriter

2009 Peterchen und der Wolf Short Film / Producer, Director & Scriptwriter

2008 Basler Versicherung Croatia TV- Commercial / Director

2008 Basler Versicherung Sale Support Commercial / Director

2007 Sommerreigen Short Film supported by Land NÖ / Stadt Baden / Director

2006 The Professionals Short Film / Producer, Director & Scriptwriter