Gedanken & Geschichten / Thoughts & Stories

When in the darkness, a ray of light breaks your thoughts, spread your wings and believe in yourself.

H. Aichwalder 2019


The clarity of my thought sinks into a sea of sadness.

(for my mother)

H. Aichwalder 2004


Only in silence you find the ground of your soul.

H. Aichwalder 2007


When the snail crawls, time stands still for the others.

H. Aichwalder 2020


In now the injury, yesterday the wound, the scar for life.

H. Aichwalder 2020


An animal is an animal, a human being is a human being, but often the boundaries blur when the human being becomes an animal and the animal becomes a human being.

H. Aichwalder 2020


Turning the inside out, colour, width, narrowness, cut,...the character changes everything over time - or it stays?

H. Aichwalder 2020


Although everything flows around us, the thought remains.

H. Aichwalder 2020


I remember when you were born. 

I remember the first time I held you in my arms.

I remember you laughing and crying.

I remember all the moments we spent together.

I remember you leaving.

As long as I remember, you will live on in my thoughts. I will tell your children and my children about you. And when I am gone, we'll both live on in their thoughts.

Wherever you are, you'll always be with me, my little brother.

(for my brother) 

H. Aichwalder 2014

Geschichten / Stories

The Teamaster, the Lord and the Birdie

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